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By: Akma MrsSLuRp

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Tuesday, 11-Mar-2008 00:55 Email | Share | | Bookmark
4th & 3rd B'day Celebration!

da cake!
menu of da day
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we're back...

event : Lyssa & Ezriq b'day bash
vanue : umah tokba's & nekwan's JB's
time : lepas maghrib
chef of da day : mummy riniy ----> mmg marvelous...pasni bole buat tempahan ekkk...mama jd asisstant utk penyediaan bhn2 aje...vley?!

* opening - bacaan doa from tokba's then makan2...cake cutting...sesi posing mosing oleh kami2 yg gler glams a.k.a pantang ade camera kan!...ekekeke

* closing session - my lyssa performing her fav song "Aspalela & Pencinta Wanita" live ..pls click link below :
Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3

* special dedication : *^* merci beaucoup *^* to ols yg menjayakan ols my BIL & SIL yg sporting abissss....& prezen yg gempaksss.....lyssa loiikeee it so much!....

pssssst : matilah mama kene standby nak return balik bila time anak diorg plakkan..! warghhhh warghhhh warghhhh!!

Wednesday, 5-Mar-2008 05:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
all about us


she's 9 month olready!...


* smiley wiley faces after my comp paid
BONUSSSS!! based on performance alhamdulillahhhhh
* working on IT Architecture Standard Document
* craving for jco donutttttt! help! help!


* still in recovery mode....alhamdulillah he's on his feet!
* "MC" + boringgggggg sbb duk kat umah je kan..


* cheekier than ever
* getting talkative like mak nenek....& too much of demanding!
* clingy wif her abie's all da time..and need some social development exposure!
* asking for her bash everyday...arghhhhhh!


* cuteeee...ekkeke
* clingy wif mama bila nmpak muke..jgn harap nak pi kat org lain..smpai mama sakit pinggang dukung!
* hardly leave her with other person besides us her parents & bibik - she will get weepy

*and last...both of my 2 El's

* i hope both of them can be close & gud sista..

This will be the only entry for dis week..sbb nakkk balikkkk JB's...+ ade org nak mengundi! mama will be on leave till next tuesday...ekekkeke
Anyway have a good weekend everyone, insyaallah will be another small celebration for my lyssa again wif her cousin..... c u when i'll c u again & more updateds from us ya ols....have fun!

Thursday, 28-Feb-2008 08:06 Email | Share | | Bookmark
short updated

this will be a very short one,
...we went out for a break....hi-tea at Jco-Sunway... w/pun pg tuh all da way nak ke rumah my SIL mama dah tapau beli jco-donuts...ekekek

...& dinner at Bora Asmara wif the family members...

* all is my IL's & my SIL's to be yg kitorng order...byk lg sbnrnya tp chy lmpu yg sgt malap buatkan mama mls mau capt the pict sbbnya stakat camera mama nih apa je lah yang nmpak kan..ekekek

..and this one is for mummy....

* dying for some donuts right now!

Tuesday, 26-Feb-2008 03:55 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Happy 3rd Birthday Ellyssa!

Layout by Zatul Saliza

my forever cheeky and energetic little girl........dah 3 tahun pun!
...she will always be the one who cheered me up every single morning, noon or night without fail, whenever I'm feeling blue or will always be my cheeky one.....
HAPPY BIRTHDAY per requested & a reward for my diaper-free daughter will go for small celebration & buy her a 'present' today yea...

ps : happy birthday to wawa mummy Iman Mikhail too! May god bless u always & many happy returns

FYI...we have planned & promised to have a bash on 8 MARCH for her dis year & yesssss definitely WILL DO...
...BUTdue to some circumstances occur & personal reasons,.. we have to POSTPONE her bash to 5 April <hopefully dis date is available for ol of u guys! >...
Did make some allocation for her bash, goodies n invi things..did survey & plan with all those balloons...booked the vanue... done with all, but guess the time & luck wasnt be at our side dis month...
For my close fren yg dah block da date...plsss change it on 5 April yea...will do a DOUBLE CELEBRATION!! hehehehe ...& insyaallah dimurahkan rezeki & dipanjangkan umur...c u ols on celebration day!

Wednesday, 20-Feb-2008 01:47 Email | Share | | Bookmark
2 El's & Arissa..

pict was taken last night...
bila arissa & co dtg rumah tgk "abie"...riuh rendah jd rumah dgn gelagat 3 bradik nih...tuh baru 3 org tp riuhnya dah mcm ramai sgt...ekekeke

da rest of pict pls visit here..sbbnya dah byk kali mama upload kat FP nih tp x kuar jgk!
ps : i can imagine how laaa kalo tambah lg sorang!!

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